Cosplay - Saturday

Pictures taken of various and sundry cosplayers. Player(s) and Charecter(s) given where availible.

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Kasey Pierce(L) as Ninja hidden in the Kitchen
John Martinez(M) as Rediculously long Scarf Ninja
Bri V.(R) as Princess Ninja
Jessica Acosta(L) as Jade
Yauru Joyner?(R) as Link
Krahazik as the Sorcerer from Orpan
Jessica and Katrina as Shinigami
Rhiannon as Ryuichi Sakumo (as Kumagoro)
Ixn Iejir as R107
Katie as the Prince of the Cosmos (Katamari)
Louisa Schegel as Princess Serenity
Matt and Chelsea Houston as Shinsengumi
Jolene Hase(L) as Shampoo
Mary Witte(R) as Cologne
Joe as Gloomy Bear
Momo as Celi
MarkRox as Ifrit (and attacking some random cosplayer!)
Mark Haney as Tres
Tabitha as Helena
Cindy Phan (L) as Sakura
LIly as Link
Yzzilizzy as Asuka
Mia as a Moogle
Hikaru as Sabas Victoria
Bria (Behind chair) as Sephiroth
Josh (In chair) as RUfus
Isu, Ume, Kagi, and Jean as Team Magma
Michelle(Left) as Abari Renji
Danika Georgi as Lina Inverse
Aya as Yami Yugi(Pharoh Atem)

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