So, what happened?

Well, It started about a month ago when I set up a spiffy cool raid planner for a friend. It ran fine, and then Universe started making a LOT of busy noise. I figured "ok, someone trying a DDOS attack on it, and it's valiantly fending off the cretins", so I didn't worry about it. That lasted for three days, right up to the point where I got a nasty-gram from my ISP saying "um, about the open proxy you are running..."

To make a long story short, the raid planner package has a XSS vulnerability that, when coupled with the ancient versions of Apache, FreeBSD, and the other packages I have, equaled a open relay for spammers. AFter killing the machine (it needed to be reboot- there were over 3,400 messages in the outq, and over 100 processes of postfix's smtp engine running!), I thought long and hard about it, and deicded that:

Now, While universe is not longer hosting this tripe, It's still at least doing something in the interim: It's providing DNS for my little home network, at least until I get things fixed with the entire situation and whatnot. And it's also going to be turned into a test-bed for a project that I've been pulled into as well.. :)