What comes around goes around...

This is set in the "Tales from the Blind Pig" universe.

It took quite a bit of legal wrangling to get me out of this latest jam, and it ultimately ended up with me also loosing my job. Big deal, I've still got a lot of money in the bank, and the investments pay a fair amount every month anyway. What really hurt was that I narrowly avoided being declawed and drugged into a state that I would not be able to shift or regenerate. My lawyer, and the good doctors did some serious legal-fu and got me out. This after all three of them ripped me up one side, down the other, and around a few times for good measure. I was given many, many hours of community service, told to visit a counselor that both I and the courts agreed upon, and was subject to random visits by the police for a few years. This was all well and good.

Kerry came out of it ok. Apparently, the Beast used his SCABS-induced ability to fiddle with other people's Flu infections to purge her body of what the creep did to her. She checked out fine, visited me at least one at the jail, and went home. After I was released, I got my bike out of the impound and rode slowly home.

I noticed that the atmosphere was distinctly chilled as I parked the bike and rode up the elevator. What I did not notice was the frying pan that came down on my head and damn near knocked me out as I stepped out. The drugs that the prison had put into me to keep me from shifting out of my full form also prevented me from shifting into my armored state, so I was quite unprotected as the frying pan came down a second time, this time hitting my shoulders. Still somewhat stunned, I bolted to my room. Kerry was screaming obscenities that I never heard and frankly made me blush as she chased me into my room. She flung the frying pan at me, and connected with my front right leg. The cast iron pan hit hard enough to cause the leg to fold, and it broke quite painfully as I came down on it. As I slid to a stop, I tried to invoke my healing power to fix the limb. The whimper of pain turned into a scream as I was kicked hard, in the back, and as I realized that the drugs also damped my healing ability. Kerry landed a few more choice kicks, rendering me unconscious.

The black faded in to a red haze, which faded to a bright, brilliant white, which faded and resolved to the familier grays and blues of the carpet and darkened red blood spots-
As I slowly tried lifting my head from where it lay on the carpet, I felt the dried blood below me tug at fur and a whisker or two. A few inches and I stopped, still dazed, confused, and in much pain. I gently set my head back down, and looked into myself. My mind and body came awake quickly. The rest of the drugs had finally cleared out of my body while I was out, and someone had managed to pull my broken forepaw out and line it mostly back up, as it had healed. The crusty blood that I had my head stuck in had come from my nose where she had kicked me. I swished my tail experimentally, and was mostly pleased that it was all there. I heard a cough and I wrenched my head free and turned painfully to see who it was.

"Um... Sorry?" Kerry was sitting in a chair about ten feet away, looking both afraid and guilty. I slowly got to my feet, grunting and making vocal every little pain. I fully intended to enjoy this. I pawed slowly, one small step at a time, making sure everything had put itself back together right. Fortunately, everything was fine (even the whisker that had torn itself out when I got up had popped back out), and I was nose to nose with her three steps later. She smelled frightened, but accepting, and was absolutely surprised when I licked her face very sloppily. She giggled a bit as I sat down in front of her and said one word: "Forgiven."