The Nexus

I suppose I shall start with a brief description of who I am. I'll keep it to a very bare level, as I have a lot of memory and history to go over in describing myself. I'll start with my name. I am Tigra, Son of Ka'Meath Goyan, Tigerean ranger and explorer, who was placed on this earth to monitor the population in 1200 AD. My father was a human mage named John, who took Mother's family name, as he had none. Their history is insignificant, as they are long dead. Indeed, their very graves are long gone. My story begins in the Year 1225 A.D., with my birth.

I grew up a mostly normal child, if you consider a half Tigerean mage normal. Mother and Father raised me and taught me everything they both knew. Mother taught me how to control my natural talents of shifting, and the many forms of combat. Father taught me how to control my magic and make it do useful things. I did not know how old they were, but they both died around 1255, Mother leaving first, and Father shortly afterwards. I continued on, performing magic for hire at intervals, and, when that was not to be found, performing functions as a carpenter, which Father taught me as a wage earning skill. This way I would not have to reply upon my magic talent along to make a living. In 1258, I had an experiment go terribly wrong on me, nearly killing me and almost burning my home down with it. I recovered, and hired a traveling builder who happened to be in the town to help me rebuild my house. We became friends and eventually, we both fled the town. The inquisition had entered, and we were no longer safe.

I'll skip ahead a bit, and give you the cliff notes version of the bulk of my life. I met the third in my little party, James, in China around 1435. Bear, my other companion, had entered a regeneration in China, as did I. Tigereans age funny, and the accident in 1258 apparently made me into an immortal of sorts. My body re- generates every 170 years or so. Bear re-generates at about the same rate, except he was born that way. Lucky were-bear. James had his thrust upon him through a terrifying incident with a dying gypsy, and became both immortal and an outcast from his pack of werewolves where he was the Alpha. We traveled all over the world, learning every language, and doing many things. We also became somewhat rich, and very powerful. James was also a good mage in his own right, and Bear was an enigma, but very dangerous in a fight.

Fast forward a lot to 1943. The Tigereans had just landed, and helped end the Second world war, by whacking Hitler, and also starting the first inter-planetary war. The U.S. ended up on top of that with the nuclear bombs. The 1950-1990 period saw a huge development in science and technology. the tech went from vaccum tubes to transistors in the space of three years. Magic went completely into hiding at that point. We three were quite adept at keeping out of the public eye anyway, and no one bothered us on the estate anyway. by 2080, things looked like they would finnally settle down. Then came the seers and the the horror that would kill us all.

I am called the Nexus, because the world's fate hinges on the choices I make. I was not born into this role, but was chosen for it by the previous nexus, who passed on some time ago. I am not resposible for guiding one life, but the lives of an entire galaxy of life. I know what I am to do. I am to bring the three great races togather to defeat this enemy. Man, chosen for his adaptability, Tigerean and Noble Were, chosen for their honor and tactical abilities, and the Wild Were, chosen for their feirceness.

The Un-Ending Trinity.

We knew why we were put here on this planet so long ago, and made to wait so very long. But we knew that we could not do this by ourselves. Man, Tigerean, and Weres must band together. Only then could we defeat this enemy from the outer rim. This enemy had been studies at long range. They would enter a solar system, harvest all the resources out of it, and then blot out the star by some means. but they had a weekness. We only found it out by mistake. The ships they used could not tolerate a heavy attack from the weapons that we used. We could not do this alone, so we began to recruit. James took the humans and the more noble of the weere-folk. Bear took the wilds. I took the Tigereans and Militaries of the world. We were a trio long enough that we had jokingly called ourselves the unending trinity. Now that name stuck as our calling. We began recruiting the Many to help us, and I had found the One who would lead us all.

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