Rant on the Road - 1/17/2001

Rant on the Road - 1/17/2001
Well, No one will see this until I get back and FTP it up to the unix box. Soooo... I'm currently typing this in the seculsion of a Hotel near a Well Known California Attraction. (Which One , I won't say) I'll let you folks figure it out. I'm not here for my vacation though. That's later. Nope, I here because my job states that I need to fly out and fix things, so Here I am in Sunny California. If I recommend, Fly into the Burbank Airport instead of LAX. It's a Much cooler airport to fly to, if your airline goes there. The only thing I find to complain about here is the fact that my hotel's AC/Heat appears to be broken. I'll tell them on the way out.

I've been going through some of my old files tonight. Not much else to do, Quake and MDK get REALLY boring REALLY fast, and not much else that I have runs on Windoze2000. I found this, and Got a shiver up my spine. I wrote the following snippet back in 99. Funny how things fit together.

It is my firm belief that people should be taught as much as they feel is needed, including how to live independantly, and how to control the beast that lurks within all of us. Children especially should be taught how to behave at the earliest age possible, so that they can grow up to be responsible people, and also to fully be aware of their self and their skills and how to utilize them to the best of their ability.

Ethics what is right or wrong

Murder and harming other senitient beings is wrong.
Judgeing a person on their race, looks is wrong.
Denying a person his right of beliefs and choices about their bodies and destines is wrong.
Stealing from one who cannot afford it is wrong.
Abuse of another's personal property is wrong. This include identity.
Asking for help is right. Condemming it is wrong.
Respecting a person because they are a sentiant being is right.
Being happy is right and good.

The part in italics at the end I just added, because it needed it. I know, It's primitive sounding, but at that point in time, I was not quite certain about myself. oh, and I was depressed too. But I feel that this is what the "core" of a good person should be, at a base level. It applies to everyone at a base level, no matter if they are black, white, furry, gay, etc. Those statements above really strips away and defines what a sentient being is. The other part I've italicized (The top one) proves, at least to me, that anyone and everyone has some sort of creature lurking in the depths of their being. I suppose the "average, well adjusted" person has either suppressed this beast to the point where they don't acknowledge that it exsists, or that they are ignoring it completely. A LONG time ago, I saw a shrink. I don't think that it helped any.I guess that if I were to see a shrink now, He'd probably put me on some sort of chemical therapy. Granted, I'm all for better living through chemistry, but I don't think that mental state altering drug is what I need at this point in my life. Besides, I happen to like some of the mood swings....

wow, what a load of (fill in blank)... I definatly feel better now.

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