Ranting on the Road Part Deaux.

Greetings Again from on the Road! Tonight I'll be typing about Airlines, Lost luggage, and trying to keep my sanity on the road.

First off, the Lost luggage. Every Airline has done it. I won't name the culprit, as they've been very good to me so far, and I'd hate to trash their rep on just this item. I came out to replace a part on a router out here. I brought the part with me as checked luggage. They've "lost/delayed" it. I arrivedat around 3:00pm local time, and as I'm typing this (about 6:30 local) they still have no clue as to it's location. Fortunatly, they have until midnight to find it, as that is the latest I can run back to the airport to go and pick it up, even though they've said that they would deliver it via a courier to my hotel.

Now, on to more serious things.
I've been trying to meditate when I'm at home at nights. I generally don't get anywhere, as there is too much noise. I have not tried headphones, because in my opinion, they would cause enough discomfort to nullify the effect I'm after in the first place. Trying it on the road is niegh on impossible, as the room is either too unfamiler, or not quite right for me to pull it off. I try to relax my mind then, by playing classical music, and other calming techniques I've picked up (The breathing trick, amongst others) and that seems to work ok so far. I can't do the auto hypnosis yet ( Which is what I'm really after), but I feel that it's helping a bit. oh, and the writing of this journel is helping immensly as well..

You might be wanting to know just where the hell I'm at, don't you. Admit it. You want to know where I typed this. I'll fess up. I'm at a hotel (not one of the better ones, I might add) in Palo Alto, CA. I'm coming up with an *original* setting for my stories, instead of swiping other peoples settings. Although I don't think that they have a problem with it, I'd like to have a "universe" of my own to play in. It's a mix of reality, Sci fi, and Fanstasy. You can read about it here.

That's all for now. I'm going to curl up next to the pathetic heat vent in my room and try to get warm.

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