Random Anger.

Not much to say over hte last few days, been to busy to really think. I've been absorbing a LOT of fiction on the Web, mainly from the Transformation Story Archive (TSA). I'll toss a link below, as I think it's a good thing.
Other then that, nothing much happening. I'll write more later.

:: later ::

yes, I hear you complaining already: "where the link?" Right here.

Okay now. Where was I.... Ah Yes. I 've gotton into this habit of reading a LOT of fiction on the web. It's a good place to publish a story, exposure wise. Potential audience is millions. the only problem is that you don't make any money from it. However, I imagine that most amatur writers have a full time job, and write in there spare/free time, as a hobby, or for the enjoyment of it.

As for me, I'm writing as a form of therapy. I'm normally not very vocal with my emotions, so writing this journel lets me divert energy that I'd otherwise keep bottled up into something somewhat productive.and I think I have a decent imagination to write a bit. However, I'm not boasting. I personally think I suck at writing. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm probably gonna start writing again real soon now.

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