Man I am BORED. I've read everything. I guess I should maybe write a story...

ahum.Ok, It's set in the Winds Of Change Universe.

June 17, 6:15 Arizona Time
The alarms went off like it always does. I smacked it off without opening my eyes. I went to turn over and sleep some more, but a voice in my head telling me Wake Up. You'll be late for Work. I went to roll over and felt really uncomfortable. I managed to get out of bed though, and tried to stand up on two legs. This failed. and I landed rather painfully on my bed. "YEOWL!!!!" I exclaimed, and suddenly realized that that was NOT one of the cats, but me. I heard a voice saying, "Jer, are you ok?" I tried to call back that I was fine, but All that came out was a series of meows and grunts. I got back on my four paws, and looked at the mirror. a Tiger stared back at me. What the hell happened to me? I wondered to myself. Well, You are Me, and you just sat on your tail. Tail? I have a tail? Come to think of it, who are you? Well, let's put it this way. My name is Tigra, the tiger from your dreams. Hmmm. That's interesting. I take it I'm in a full mode then? Yep. Let's try your morph form. Visualize a barrier and push through it. I did this, and felt my body re-shaping itself in clear defiance of most known laws of physics, and then looked at the mirror again. I was standing digigrade, with fur covering every part of my naked body. I also found that I could speak normally again. "I'm fine, in a way. Sat on my tail." I called. "Oh, ok. what'd you turn into?" I opened the door, to face a cat morph in a nightgown, and two seriously freaked out cats. But I'd be a little freaked out too after hearing a tiger yeowl in pain from sitting on his tail, so that was excusable. "I guess a shower is gonna take a lot longer then I thought. You go first, I'll call in late." I tried calling my boss, but the phone circuits were totally busy. Ah well, I figure he'll understand. The news was on, and it looked like most everyone on the planet had changed. Mom came out of the shower and was drying her fur off. I took my shower, and ended up using three more towels then I used to to dry off.

I managed to get into work. I had to totally re-adjust the truck to fit my new frame, and getting in without crushing my tail was a bit tough, but I managed. I got into work, and found it running, business as usual. On the way, I left the radio off, and had a rather lengthy mental conversation between myself and my Instincts that I now could really call Tigra. My boss was surprised that I came in. "Well, I wanted to see what everyone turned into."

Well, that's all for now. More tomorrow, from on the road. Maybe.

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