Plane crazy.

Here I am typing away on my dial up connection to the world from my hotel in slightly sunny California. I guess I'll continue from where I left off last time.

Two weeks later

I discovered that I could teleport. In addition, I could take things with me. Through several experiments, I found that I could teleport about 1500 Miles. I could also carry about 300 pounds with me for the entire distance. This proved useful in my job. We setup an area that I could enter without displacing someone, and it made life quite a bit easier. It wasnt without a price though. I got tired pretty quick, even though my new body was in a better shape then ever. I could run about 30 mph in my norm mode, and I could lift about twice when I could in my morph form. Typing was a bit of a problem though. I had to be pretty careful with my claws to avoid going through the keys, instead of just hitting them.

One night I was finishing up a maintainence and decided to come home. Normally, depending on the distance I would find a hotel, rest up, and leave in the morning. Tonight I decided to just teleport home though. I concentrated on the area at work, and presses the mental button. Instead of teleporting, however, I just stayed there. "Going somewhere?" I heard a voice behind me. I spun around and saw a security guard. "You'll have to go outside to do that. The whole building was Nullified a week ago." "I see. thanks for letting me know." I replied. Unfortunatly, the energy for the teleport had already been expended. I ended up staying for about an extra hour at the site building up the energy to get home.

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