Deep thoughts.

Well, I took my bonus and bought the stuffings for a new ( although slow by some standards) unix box.

I may or may not be tossing everything over to it, depending on various things.

I'm thinking of several ideas, but they are dependant on a few things.

Right now, I'm thinking of having Galaxy remain with some of it's current functions, with the new system assuming the http and a few other functions. As some of the more clever audience might have guessed, Galaxy is the name server. That will probably stay. I'm studying interfacing databases onto the web using PHP, and the database engine being Postgresql. Oh, and I'll probably be running X on it if it's fast enough.

Actually, I'll probably leave this collection of pages here, and just move DNS over.

or maybe not. I'll have to play with it and find out.

Yeah, I'm indecisive. Deal with it. RIght now I'm still getting software on it and doing the inital burnin.

For those are wanting the next part of the story, I'm still thinking on it. Be patient. Writers block sucks. Go read the TSA some more.

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