No, not gone, just resting and working. As you've guessed by now, i don't update this too often. But THis is a part time thing really.

Here's some more writing.. I figgered it out.

Goin Home

I figured that I had built up enough energy to get home, and I hit the mental button a safe distance away from the building. I world flashed, and I re-appeared... somewhere else entirely. I couldnt jump for another hour, so I started to walk around to find out just where I was and what the hell had happened. I ended up finding a sign or something. what I found was quite surprising. the sign did say Phoenix, but the population number was wayyy off. it was entirely not enough folks.

I looked around for a newspaper. finding one, I looked at the date. the date read 1945, right in the middle of the Plauge. I shuddered. The Nullified building must've blown my Power off-kilter, and put my in the right town, but the wrong time entirely. I then remembered my history. Phoenix was one of several citys that had been hit hard by the Plauge. I suddenly realized that I had to get out of this place fast, or else I'd be shot as a freak at the very least. I norm-shifted, and started running out of town.

I got as far as within 3 miles of the city limits before I was spotted. I heard the bullet fly right by my ear, and realized that one of the neighbors was shooting at me. I imagined myself as far west as I could in my mind, and teleported, even though I was really tired. Panic makes you do things.

After the flash cleared, I looked around. I was back in my own time at least, and right where I had thought. Safe, I thought. I looked at the date. I called my boss up to tell him that I was not coming in today, and went to bed to rest.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I'll probably cat all these into one story later. oh, yeah, and I've decided for the moment that I'll have the new box host all these.

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