California Screamin.

Well, I'm in California Typing this over a truely crappy Dialup link. But I get to Sleep(tm) tonight, as myt work was in the daytime.

Well, I'm working on another story idea, this time set in a diferent universe, but one that the Transformation Story Archive is almost famous for, Tales From The Blind Pig. You can read about it here.

Unfortunatly, this link really sucks, so I'll probably work on the framework of the story later.
One thing that I've noticed about story writing is that it's like construction. You have to plan it carefully, or else it'll just go bad. So forgive me if the stuff I've written before really sucks. I'm working on increaseing my skills.

and I'll probably start with re-writing some of my stuff. Like Vigilante. I think Tigerpaw's a good charecter, too good for the lousy plot I dumped him in.

Oh, yeah, and my Spelling DOES suck. ispell ain't that great, but it catches stuff, when I remember to run it.



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