The attack of the Killer blood sucking bugs...

Or, as we call em in Chigaco, Mosquitos. nasty littl buggers. ho hum. Here I am in The northern illinois, on Vacation from work. WOO HOO!! But I've got some pictures to show you. I'm been playing with my latest toy, a digital camcorder, and found that film is not quite dead. Digital photography is wonderful in the fact that you get your results very quickly. And since it's already in a form that the computer can play with, it makes editing a very simple proposition. coupled with the fact that bad pictures can never leave the camera and you are looking at a good deal money wise. (no film to delvelop, no having the developer tell you "sorry, your film was blank", or going to the expense of putting it on a CD-ROM. just plug in the cable and boom, they are there.

oh, you want to see my pictures??? you've been warned, I suck at them at times.
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