... to express my grief at the loss of human life in the last two weeks. the count of missing at the Trade Center continues to rise. Rescue Crews have not found a live victim in almost a week.

But let's not talk of those things.Let's also not talk of those that did it, and how the U.S. is going to retaliate. I feel the the media has done quite enough. I'd like to say that I could love to be living under a rock at times like this, but Alas, I cannot. Here's why. Let's just say in this digest that I was a lot closer then I ever want to be to a national disaster ever again.

Let's instead, talk of something that I've experienced recently. Right now, I'm in the Nation's Capitol, and watch outside the hotel window at the falling rain. It's a beautiful sight. I'll post a picture at the below link in a bit to share with the world.It's a very relaxing and therapeutic sight.

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