Driving in Boston is..

... Hell. Or at lesat, that's how the saying goes. It's not that bad, really. You just have to be cautious. In the downtown/financial district area anyway. I would not know about some of the other places yet. I've already had my fun with roundabouts. ( and don't get me started. they suck peroid.) However, the thing that sucks about driving in Boston at the moment is the fact that they are doing a massive, longterm, highly expensive, (insert adjective here) contruction project called the Big Dig. ( Yes, that's the offical name for it. sheesh.) You can take a look at it here. Anyway. I fell a bit better now. I've flown from Washington DC up to Manchester, then drove down the next morning to Boston. Strange what one does to avoid certain airports, eh? In any case I want to talk about something else at this point, because I don't want you to fall asleep. drool is hard to clean poff of keyboards.

a Review of the first Two Episodes of Wolf Lake
The CBS Show Wolf Lake is, in my humble opinion, it's a bit on the melodramitc side. But it almost has to be in order to catch it's neilson ratings. But it's a very well show so far. I wil admit that I am hooked on it, if for nothing else to try and poke holes in it. But I've seen nothing so far that I can find. the effects, though few ( It's trivial to digitally change eye color), are executed well, the plot lines ( for there are several interweaved in it) are interesting, and the research that the executive producers have done on this flavor of Lycanthropy ( more on that later), seems to be well founded. They are mostly following the Native American mythos of "Skin Walkers", which is a very nice spin on the overall werewolf legend. Unfortunatly, I don't have much on it, bits and pieces really, but it ties in quite nicely. I'd give it an ok for now. The only disturbing thing that I can think of is that is portrays lycanthropy in a somewhat sinister light.

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