Well, the hard drive Finally Died, taking a month of my rants. You humans are Sooo lucky. THIS is why you back up your data more often then a month.

Let me at least catch you up, then.
1) I've gotton out of my Funk ( As expressed by Privious rant(s)).
2) I'm, uh, shifting my viewpoint a bit. Bear with me.
3) The Links section will be getting re-vamped.

And now, the Non hard drive related Rant:

It might surprise you why were-creatures are so much of a sub-culture on the 'net, along with our cousins the furries, and also the oddballs and wackos. The Internet basically stands for Freedom of Expression, without the fear of being phyiscally ridiculed for your beliefs. Humans historically have had a history of being quite unkind to anything different. Hence, the Fear of the unknown. Churchhill stated it Best: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Granted this was during the Naxi era, but the message still rings true. Fear is a powerful force, and can make even a sane person do insane things. The net allows you to say what you feel without fear of being beatne, or phyiscally harmed. You can be mentally, or virtually harmed (flamed, have your net access shut off, etc.), but unless you truely are off the deep end and are taking life too seriously, it will not harm you as much as if it were done in reality or in public in a flesh and blood enviroment. In the middle ages, if you had a mental disability and were not born to a royalty, You'd might be locked up if you were anything more then slightly harmless. If you were royalty, You'd be locked away from the world. I find that the net is a place that I can be myself, without having to put on a mask of humanity. In this virtual world, I have a tail, retractable claws, and orange colored fur with black strips. In the flesh and blood world, I have non of these, because physics won't allow it. Our current understanding of Genetics can not allow us to cross genus and change from a mostly hairless ape to a furry creature that better reflects our personality. Even with the latest developments in cloning (they have sucessfully cloned a human embryonic cell. Scary), Scientists can not change our base form. It's still stuff of legands and myths. I eagerly await the day in which this happens. I even hope that I live to see it, and maybe take part.

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