The so-called "interactive" media that is the Internet.

I know why so many people get discouraged when writing stuff on the web. Lack of feedback. I'm guilty of it, like everyone else.
In the months that I've run this site, The most traffic I've gotton is from the Code Red/Nimda worm, which this server is immune to.the other spikes in useage is from me testing my stuff.

You might be saying, why are you even doing this? the answer: because I feel like it. I know that people are at least seeing it. I've seen, in the past two months, more hits from web spiders then in the past 8 previous. The one thing I have noticed quite a bit though, is the general lack of response. Since I own and operate not only the domain, but the hardware it runs on (and to a certain degree, the bandwidth as well), I know when my mail server is down. I'm not asking much, just some acknoledgement.
Even if you want to complain about speling errors, or that "This place SUCKS". I don't care. at least I know that I've gotton through to someone, and that they have looked at is and decided to comment. Perhaps a new tact is in order. I've added a new link at the botom of the page, and will add it. It's an email link. Please use it.

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