or Divided.

I've seen a massive surge of patriotism since September. I've also seen the things that we humans do that make me alternately want to scream, punch someone, cry, or any of those at once. Mind you, it's Kind of cool that we've put up flags just about everywhere. But there is something as going overboard. There's also the Flag Code to deal with, but most people have not read it. Most U.S. Based web sites have put up a flag image just for the hell of it, or to show there support. You will notice that I have not put one up here. It's not that I'm unpatriotic, but rather that I have better things to do then to clutter up the site with an image of a flag.

I've also found that the walls I've put up to wall away my emotions are pretty much gone. Now, Some will say that it's a good thing, but some emotions are sometimes required to be walled up. Grief, for one. The site of someone crying is just not pretty. Humor is usually a good thing to let out, mostly because it's harmless, and a good antidote to grief. Anger is never a good thing to either hold, store, or release. Take it from one who has done all three. It sounds goofy, but recall the words from the movie Star Wars: Let go of your anger. It can actually be a good thing. The counting thing only works to make you forget the anger. I have tried to let go of grief, but it just won't go away for me yet.

2001 was not a good year for me. I lost quite a few things that year: I lost the older of my two cats. I've come very close to losing my sanity on more then one occasion; only retaining it by a slender thread. I want to thank my mother, and a good friend for showing my the light at the end of the tunnel during my dark times. I'd also like to thanks my body for reminding me just what pain is, in the form of two root canals.

2001 was a decent year in some respects as well. I became CCNA Certified, I merged a bit with myself, and I earned enough Frequent Flyer trips to fly some old friends out from New York for their Christmas leave.

It was a Year of Sorrow and a Year of Joy,
A Year of Light and a Year of Dark.
It was a Year that Great Tragedy Struck,
and a Year of Greater Heroism Shown bright.
It was a Year that saw fortunes fail,
A year that Money became what it was.
It was a Year that some saw as Dull.
But Dull suddenly turned bright as the sun.
It was the Year that we stood as one,
If only for a a short period of time.

I can only hope that 2002 is filled with more joy then sorrow for me.

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