Or shades of Grey?

when the world is falling all around you, you sometimes never get time to stop and think about what may be right and wrong. Case in Point: The prisoners in Cuba. A lot of people are saying that they are Prisoners of War. But they are not, and should not be treated as such. Here's why. I think that the U.S. is in a strange position. The Administration can't kill them. Can you say martyrs? This would strengthen their holy cause. But perpetual imprisonment won't work either, because it's just too damn expensive to hold them all until they die. Plus there is the chance that they could escape.

It may sound cruel and unusual, but I have an idea. Break their spirit. Break their ideals. Few men are so truly hardened that they will hold on to their ideals with their last breath. Even zealots will eventually concede, if exposed to it long enough. I heard this to be a better idea: give them a sex change operation, and then release them back into their society. (The Taliban era, not the current one) This will humiliate them. The horrors that the Taliban have committed to the females in Afghanistan can only be re-paid in this manner, I think.

Next subject. My nice shiny new Handspring Visor delux is b0rken. The sad thing is that I sent a message off to support yesterday, and the only thing I've heard back from them is a $10 off coupon on accesories at the online store (which I got when I registered the silly thing). GUess i need to call em up...

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