Is the "War on Terror" becoming another Vietnam??

Pardon my expletive, but the thought of another Vietnam quite frankly scares the shit outta me. My fuzzy mind can barely grasp the "scary shit" portion if nukes get involved. I can almost guarantee that if nukes start flying, a whole lotta people are gonna die all over the world, which is what the terrorists are really after. If we attack Pakistan, they will almost certainly use nukes in a retaliatory strike. It's gonna get real lonely then...

When the U.S. initiated Desert Storm back in the 90's, We all knew that it'd be a quick and relatively painless affair. Hussain is a bully with dreams of being bigger then he really is, and those types almost always fall easily. But this "little war" has the potential for turning deadly to the world in a hurry. Mr. Bush has stated that he wants to use US resources to 'stamp out terrorism'. This will be extremely difficult for several reasons. Terrorism is a war against civilians. It's Guerilla warfare in the extreme. It is by it's nature anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere, able to rise up just about anywhere at any time. It's the "shadow army" that the CIA was rather fond of a few decades ago. Terrorism does not play fair. "Rules? You got rules for fighting?" - Gang leader, Tough Guys. Anyone who has studied the articles of war and history knows that there are rules for everything. even war. Terrorists do not consider themselves are warriors. they are 'holy crusaders', out to wipe the face of the earth of their sworn enemy, or die trying. Hence, they play by totally unconventional means, and they don't give a shit who dies in the process. in their eyes the innocent are guilty as well.

You might already know my opinon on religious nuts. these folks are way past them. Killing's too good for em.

I'm reminded of the Lyrics to "Civil War" from Guns N' Roses. I'll post the chorus here. Click here for the Full Lyrics.

     I don't need your civil war
     It feeds the rich while it buries the poor
     Your power hungry sellin' soldiers
     In a human grocery store
     Ain't that fresh
     I don't need your civil war

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