Or, Why I was going to Leave GX anyway.

Disclaimer: I am not speaking for any representative of Global Crossing, nor should this statement be taken seriously. No harmful intent is to be made of any persons currently working there. To protect the people involved (except myself), no names are mentioned.

As some of my close friends found out this week, I was laid off from my job. The odd thing is that I am happy about this otherwise terrible issue. I'm happy about it because I was planning on leaving anyway, and because I knew that I was not making the company any money. And when your company is bankrupt, not making any money is a bad thing. So I had fairly good notice that my job would be axed soon. This is why, after refusing the voluntary severance package because it was not that great, I started looking semi-seriously. I knew that one place that would hire me back was the employer that I work for before GX. So I made a few phone calls, and before I knew it, I was offered a job. I thought about it, and set my start date to be in a month. Then March 18th came around, and I went home that day. On my way home, though, I drove my my soon-to be place of employment, and they agreed on moving my start date up to the 20th.

Don't get me wrong, Global is a great place to work. I am truly hoping that they make it out of Bankruptcy and become what the original vision was: a world class provider of seamless Internet access across the globe providing fast, secure bandwidth. That's not the reason why I was planning on leaving. the reason I have is more personal, and I will not mention it here, or anywhere in general public on the net. I have that much integrity.

I will tell you the reason that if I am offered my job back, however, I will refuse it. I know that you must be asking, "Even if they offer more money?" My answer will still be 'No'. Here's why. I fel that GX 'stole' me from my previous job by offering almost twice the salery that I was making. Never, during my my 20 months there, did I feel that I was honestly earning it. But here, in my present job, I feel that I am worth what I am being paid. I am happy working my tail off, running all over the city, because I know that I am making the company money. I'm not an anchor, a moneysoak, or anything like it. And it's that knowledge, and the fact that I'm treated as an equal, as a member of the 'family', something that I felt never happened at GX, that makes me refuse any offers of obscene amounts of money. Of course, I'm still playing the lottery, because I don't mind tossing $5 US down the hole every now and again.

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