On my current mental state.

This is another one of those things that I'd rather post here, so as to keep it off of the Live Journal space. I've more control over this site.

In my last rant, I had mention the fact that I've a bit of Therianthrope in me, or at least that's what I feel has happened to my mind. I feel that I should explain a bit, as not everyone knows what the hell a Therianthrope is. Simply put, it's a person who has an animalistic side of their personality, or even a separate animal inside their head. Sort of a mental werewolf. People with wolfen avatars for their mental animals can rightly be called lycanthrope, as part of that word is based on the Latin word for wolf (lupus). A Therianthrope (and no, I don't know quite how to pronounce it either) is a generic term for people that have something other then a wolfen avatars. Mine happens to be a Siberian Tiger. However, Mine was the product of my minds attempt to shunt away the rage and anger that was not totally controllable into something other then beating the hell out of whatever was annoying me at the time. Tigra was born of that. Now that I've learned to simply let the anger and hatred go, Tiger is not really needed anymore. So, my mind has subsumed him back into my main personality. He's still there, but he's just an aspect now. I've answered the question of Who am I? Now, I need to answer the other two, which are (According to Queensryche):

For those that have actually read my earlier rants, at one point, I had something of a three way going between human, tiger, and bear. Bear was an aspect at one point, but it no more. I don't mourn for it, because it was simply a part of what I was.

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