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Let's see.

I have a (somewhat bad) habit of wanting to put names on stuff, like it was a huge epic event. I also have a even worse habit of only remembering the bad events that happened. I know that good things happened in 2001. Mother and I got to spend two whole weeks on vacation out of state, something that we had not done since we moved here in '88. And I know that good things happened in 2002. My old work taking me back was one of them. And last year was spent mostly credit card debt free, and that is a good thing.Nick remarked that I was "borrowing" from the Babylon 5 Series, which also named the years in it's 5 year story arc, the second was named the Year of coming darkness. It was purely coincidental.

2000 was the Year of Light. I was offered a job out of the blue that paid significantly better then anything that I had ever been given, and it stretched my skill set quite a bit.

2001 was the Year of the Coming Darkness. Obvious reason, and the unforeseen stress of having a friend as my boss started grating on my sanity pretty badly.

2002 was the Year of Darkness. I got laid off from gx, but got my old job back. Unfortunately, the attitude of the company as I knew had changed, and all the "family" feeling that used to be there got sucked out as I watched, which is a truly depressing sight to watch. If you've ever been with a startup company that's gone corporate, or a small company that's just been bought by some huge conglomerate, you'll know what I mean. The one bright spot was that I managed to get out of credit card debt, a lone shining star in the Darkness.

2003 Was the Year of the Long Dark Morning. The job took it's toll, I lost by ability to care for the company I worked for. (but not the customers. Sure, I bitch about them, but they truly do provide me with a paycheck. That's why I treat my customers and users like gold.) I traded in my truck, a vehicle that I was fond of and was tired of having abused, for a car that saw more abuse in it's short time on this world then the truck. It's successor did not have to suffer long, as I got fired from that now soulless company for not taking my job seriously enough. The end of the year started to see the light, the faint rays of dawn, as I got a new job providing IT services to three offices in the valley for Company ----, which does not take itself seriously at all, nor does it enforce a dress code. I feel right at home. It looks like 2004 will be the Year of Returning Light. It's been dark for far too long.

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