What is a Tigerian??

A Tigerian is a fictional creature that combines the qualities of the weretiger and human. For those that are not familiar with the traditional werewolf, I'd recommend clicking here to read more about them. Oh, and toss out the idea that they are nothing more then bloodthirsty killers. We are more then that. Much more.

a Tigerian's body is constructed in the same manner of a weretiger, only with the appropriate modifications to handle a 2-G world. Add in that the paws are equipped with a claw system not quite similar to your common house cat. It's the same principle, except that these claws generaly are too large to retract. Your common house cat can retract it's claws via a muscle, which explains you find claws all over the house over time. they shed them like fingernails, which is not too far from the truth, as they are constructed out of the same material.These claws are attached to the finger of the paw, but they don't quite attach in quite the same way as a typical claw. for one thing, they do not move like a housecats. They are essentially extensions of the finger, and are treated as such.

The typical claw extends about 4/12 inches from the front of the hand, where the finger ends. They are backed up by a hard bone that can, combined with locking the muscles in the paw in a certain manner, punch through a 1/4 Inch steel door with ease. Many in the warrior clans further enhance their claws by having them tipped with hull-metal. It can be a point of prestige, as the process is very expensive.

Tigerians are organized in a clan structure, in which individuals are grouped according to talent, interests, and abilities into different clans. In this manner, Each individual is allowed to do the best that they are allowed to do, and to do something that is enjoyable to them. Each Clan is represented in a Council which governs the Empire that they have built.

Clans are divided into sects. Each sect is responsible for a particular specialty of the clan. For example, the Warrior clan is divided into about 10 sects, concentrating on such things as:

  • High Technology Weapons
  • Martial Arts
  • Strategy
  • Military
  • Defense, small scale

  • Etc. et al. The list can on for quite a while. The sects abilities often overlap, and members work together for the good of the clan, and of the empire.

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