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5/8/2007: Happy 7th, Kiddo. 176+ days.
8/16/2006: holy crap long time no update. New job, new hours, same old unix machine. happy fifth and sixth, old friend. (oh, and 491 days of uptime)
2/24/2005: 365 and 20 hours... a new record which will probably keep going for another month...
2/11/2005:353 days... Almost there... Almost there... Keep going....
12/6/2004:Minor issues with me nuking this very page. All I can say is thank bog for cached copies..
8/24/2004: Jinxing it and calling it a new fuggin record of just under 183 days. But tomorrow I'll have a new record, if the machine stays up... Every day I beat my own previous record for the number of consecutive days I've stayed alive. -- George Carlin
8/22/2004: over 6 months uptime. Almost there... Not much to report on this machine...
6/29/2004: Nothing new to report, but 124+ days of uptime. Three months to go for the record...
4/6/2004: After a bit of thinking, I've decided to put an ad on the bottom of the front page, just to see what happens. Don't worry, the guy who runs it hates pop-unders worse then I do. Besides, he's hosting them, not me. They are also of a somewhat furry slant, which is perfectly fine with me as well. (and no, not that type of furry... perverts.)
3/2004: Universe turns 4. Not bad for a sub $1000 machine.
2/17/2004: 30 days of run time and $390 in the almighty crapper, due to the now dead UPS. Fortunatly, I've got a spare, but that will go away pretty soon, as I've got an APC SmartUPS 1000XL on order. Expect another outage when it shows up. I also moved the older news items to their own page, and tweaked the styles for it.
1/18/2004: Crap on a crutch. 120 days of run time in the toilet. Damn power co. and lousy UPS. Plus named (the DNS server) decided that it won't start on boot. grrrr....
12/30/2003: 103+ days of uptime, and I've now got Mysql re-installed, permitting a certain users wiki to maybe be re-installed.
12/25/2003: Happy holidays from us here.

11/1/2003: upgraded Gallery to 1.4-pl2. This version has some nifty new features that were lacking on the old version.

10/5/2003: Fixed a little link with Tiger's page. the gallery link ought to work right now. Whoops.

9/23/2003: got the problematic backup issue resolved, hopefully. I'm now using Amanda to automate the backup process. I've also upgraded the tape drive to a Travan 10/20 from the 4/8. Otherwise, nothing new to report.

9/12/2003: The new design goes live. I still need a logo or some other entertinment for the upper corner.

9/11/2003: Hell of a week. Tried upgrading the machine to 4.8 last week. It did poop mightily on the floor. I've finally got the last of it cleared. I think.

8/21/2003: Been a while. I'm out of a job, and I have a new car after trashing the old one.

7/10/2003: broke the new car. crap.
6/29/2003: broke a small uptime of 34+days to install /dev/ast0, a 4/8 Travan tape drive. This is the first time the machine has been intentionally powered off since the house got re-wired. the system has been powered for 6 whole MONTHS.

5/27/2003: breaking the uptime record of 113 days to hard reset the $^%$#^% KVM. This is what I get for buying cheap.

5/13/2003: 100 days of uptime. Nothing really new to report, except that I got a new cell phone.

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