My opinion of Therianthropes - 01/15/2001

I suppose I might be a were. I don't have any proof, other then I've spent the last week meditating, and seeing/hearing/feeling odd new sensations and whatnot. I felt more alive then I have in a long time.

Many of the pages I seen deal with Dreams. Perhaps I should share this. I haven't dreamed (At least that I can't remember consciously) for a long time. I remember being startled awake one morning though, by the feeling of a clawed hand on my shoulder. It felt odd and good.

I guess this all started after having my wisdom teeth pulled. I have NO idea what the drugs did to me, but I think I'm better for it.

I guess I should explain who/what Tigra is.
Tigra was created by my mind some time ago, as a way to help deal with the anger and stress that I was feeling. It was my teen angst years I guess. In any case, Tigra was initially created to help me deal with my anger and stress, but over time He kind of grew out of it. I was into tigers at the time, and I had been reading Larry Niven's Known Space universe, and the Kzin. I guess the two just fit.

Tigra is half Tigerian, which is a fictional species of Weretigers. They have generally two distinct forms, a Were form and a full form. I imagine that there is an intermediate form (ala Werewolf: The Apocalypse), but I haven't gotten that far yet. Tigra is half Human as well, which makes him a true werebeast.

Well, I guess I've run out of steam again, so I'll be back when I find more.

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