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5/31/2020: Semi-fixed the gallery; please scream at me for access. Also added a perma-link to the Anizona archives on the left. 2/12/2020: Sweet mammal humping jebus, an update. Looking for a replacement to the beloved Gallery, RIP. probably end up porting the entire site to wordpress or some garbage. A lot of pages are broken, or just don't support https, because I'm lazy. 6/20/2011: Re-upload of the main page to fix a bunch of typoes and deadlinks, nuke all the older news (who cares!), and clean things up. 7/9/2008: Wow. After a heinous 8 years online, countless gigabytes served, and at least 3 user-caused incidents of downtime longer then one day, it finally happened. is no longer hosting this tripe. Read more here. The good news? Better speed, connectivity, and newer, shinier things, like Gallery2, which I've been dreading moving too.

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So, what's this all about, then?

Well, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a young man who worked for an ISP. And behold, as that ISP was paying for the blazing fast ISDN line to his house, decided to set up an email domain and some web space. fast forward 11 years, two battered and under powered machines and two hosting companies later, It's still here. This is largely private space for sharing pictures and email, but occasionally I'll do something goofy with it. (usually involving breaking it.)

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