This page is where I try to describe the realities in my head.
Winds of Change
Information about this universe.
Change Day. Where I get a rather strange wake up call. Also a description of my character in this universe.
The Hero of the day. Although the events of September 11th may not have happened in this universe, there may be a sub-reality that it did. This is what a very tiny part of me wishes I could have done.
Globe Trotting. Some people sleep walk, others do all sorts of things to take their minds off of personal issues. What do you think a teleporter does??
The Morning After. He's grumpy, hung-over, and now he's gotta work.

The Blind Pig
Information about this universe.
Who are you? a description of my character in this universe.
Reloaded: all the Blind pig stories in a cohesive package. Covers 1 - 11 below.
Origin. My introduction to this universe..
The Help (Hell) Desk. Reminiscing about a former job, and I wondered how a full-morph tiger would fit in. I'm a bit optimistic in this series, considering it's a rather dark universe.
Day in the life.... Chronologically about six or seven months after the previous one. Another job change, a roomate, and a new form.
Sound Blasting. This guy changes jobs more often then he changed underwear. Oh wait, he doesn't wear underwear.
Eating out. Swanky dinner, and a horrible secret.
Whoops. Speeding happens to everyone.
A learning experience. Where Tiger goes back to school, and teaches Kerry a new trick.
War. Where Tiger goes berserk. Graphic violence in this one.
The Aftermath. Comic Violence.
The Phoenix Riots.Written for NaNoWriMo 2004, New parts will be posted here as they are written.
Christmas 2004. Happy Holidays from All of us here, to all of you there.
All good things must come to and end. That's the end?.
The Chibi.Unfinished.Kerry wants WHAT????
The Chibi grows up.On touching and getting beat up.

The Darkening Storm
I've got another universe raring to go, but I'm still slowly getting the issues worked out with the first piece I wrote about it. It's a dark universe, Featuring alien were-tigers with built-in bone armor, magic, and the possible end of both the human race and the were-tigers mixed in for fun.

Cut 'n Run. a 'quickie' set in one of the Tigerean/Human wars.
A 10-part piece about a were-tiger vigilante who winds up in one hell of a strange position. One of the intro pieces to Chimera.
The intro to The Nexus and the Un-Ending Trinity.Needs a re-writing.
The Great War, through the eyes of The Nexus, The Broken Phrophecy, and the end of the Un-Ending Trinity.

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